RERA Registration is mandatory for all the builders/developers before they take any project. Its aim is to avoid delays in projects and fraud selling. It ensures the sale of property, plot or building in an efficient manner. RERA is mainly taking care the interest of consumers and buyers. This Act established under the real Estate Act and implementation by the state government. All the state and union Territories UP, Gujarat, Bihar, Delhi, MP, Maharashtra have informed the rules with RERA and follow the same. This act is making safe buyer from fraudulent and answerable the developers for their project delivery. When developers do their projects under the rules and regulations, consumers became mind free and confident in that environment. RERA Registration gives transparency in the transactions related to the contracts of all the parties. By RERA, promoters must provide the estimate date of completion the project, if they fail to fulfil their promises, they have to pay huge penalties for that.


  • PAN card of the promoters
  • Balance sheet and ITR of last 3 years of builders
  • Clarification about parking slots, numbers of floors
  • Legal proof of land by the builder
  • Experience of the builder
  • Details of land (rights, title, mortgage)
  • Information of involved Architect, Engineer, and others


  • The area of land exceeds from 500 square meter or exceeds from number of 8 apartments.
  • Where marketing, advertising, selling or new allotment of plot or apartment is involved.
  • It is not applicable when the promoter got complete certificate prior to launching the RERA.